Highly flexible like a human spine, this chair is uniquely design for long hours at the desk. Also adjustable in height, arm rest, and seat depth.


MYR 1,480.00

1. Headrest: Fixed
The headrest comes in a Polypropylene frame with mesh attached to it for a flexible, comfortable seating experience. 

2. Backrest
The backrest is made out of a Polypropylene frame attached together with thermoplastic elastomer(TPE) spinal joints. This helps to achieve Spinelly’s unique rib design with an elastomer spine system. This design helps to create Spinelly’s flexible back allowing for active seating. The backrest is finished with a flexible mesh for maximum support and comfort for long hours of seating. 

3. Armrest: Height adjustable for 100mm
The grey armrests are made with moulded polyurethane(PU), giving it a soft touch and comfortable spot to rest on. The armrest is height-adjustable for a range of 100mm.

4. Seat: Height and Depth adjustable
The seat is made of moulded polyurethane foam upholstered with fabric. The high density foam is sturdy and ideal for a comfortable seat. The seat is height adjustable for 55mm and Depth-adjustable for a range of 60mm.

5. Mechanism
This chair uses a weight-sensing mechanism that will auto-adjust the recline resistance according to user weight. Heavier users will experience stronger recline resistance compared to lighter users. The mechanism also provides tilt lock where the user is able to lock their reclining position. 

6. Base
The 5 star base is made out of die-cast aluminium in polished finish or matt silver epoxy-coating option. The castor is made out of 65mm diameter dual-wheel in black Nylon.

Sense and Flexibility
Our spine is one of the most important part of our body that gives us structure and support. It plays a vital role to enable us to perform simple tasks like standing up and sitting upright. Spinelly’s inspiration comes from the structure of the human vertebrae. The idea is to create a chair that simulates the support of the spine. Spinelly is available in two colours, black for a polished and sleek look, white for a fun and edgy office setting.